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Finn Kristiansen has been a CFO and CEO in 6 different companies since 1985.


  • CFO 1985-1989 and CEO since 1989
  • From start-up companies to 1000+ employees
  • Managing trading  and manufacturing companies in Denmark, Sweden and Germany
  • Working languages English, German and Nordic languages


  • Development of business plans. Trading company B2B tech products
  • Management of generation change and interim management. Manufacturing company within thermoplastics and company within the graphic sector.
  • Clean-up, re-organization and downsizing. Turnaround of wholesaler of tech. products and re-organization of German group with manufacturing and sales in 8 European countries.
  • Selection and implementation of ERP-systems in manufacturing and wholesale enterprises.
  • 2 factories built on greenfield.
  • Sourcing of tailor made B2B products in Eastern Europe and Asia. Substantial savings achieved on metal components.
  • Sales in EU and overseas markets to companies ranging from small specialty firms to multinationals.
  • Private placement (Private offering af new shares) as CEO.
  • IPO at Copenhagen Stock Exchange III as CFO.


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